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Pete Deemer is a well-known Silicon Valley executive, who has spent the last 22 years leading teams building products and services at global companies. Prior to founding GoodAgile, Pete was Vice President of Product Developer for Yahoo! in the US, and Chief Product Officer for Yahoo! in India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Before Yahoo!, Pete was a Senior Vice President at c|net Networks. Pete was the co-founder of GameSpot, which was acquired by Ziff-Davis in 2000, and is now part of CBS Interactive.

Pete Deemer is one of about 100 Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide, and he specializes in working with development teams throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim. He received his CSM training and CST sponsorship from Ken Schwaber, who created Scrum with Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Along with Dr. Sutherland, Pete is one of the founders of The Scrum Foundation. Pete is the co-author of The Scrum Primer, one of the most widely read introductions to Scrum, and lead author of The Distributed Scrum Primer, a new guide to distributed and multilocation Scrum.

Pete led a large-scale adoption of Scrum and Agile methods at Yahoo!, which grew to 2000 team-members worldwide.

Pete is an honors graduate of Harvard University, and has spent a number of years as adjunct faculty at University of California Berkeley, most recently in the Graduate School of Business, where he received the prestigious Club 6 teaching award. Pete is a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Pete is based in Bangalore and Singapore, and travels frequently to Australia, China, and other countries in the region.