Kamlesh Ravlani, Scrum and LeSS Trainer

Kamlesh Ravlani is a Scrum and LeSS Trainer, and an Enterprise Agile Coach. Kamlesh has extensive Agile and Lean implementations and transformation experience with large-scale global organizations, as well as hands-on experience with large-scale product development, implementing LeSS and helping organizations be Agile at Scale.

Kamlesh helps enterprises, leaders and teams significantly improve performance, product development ROI and agility. He coaches senior leaders with strategic and organizational changes, and gets hands-on in coaching team members. He brings deep interest towards coaching human behavior and social interactions to create high performing teams.

Kamlesh brings overall 20+ years of industry experience in a variety of roles, including Product Developer, Team Lead, Program Manager, Program Director, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach, and Agile Trainer.

Kamlesh has trained over 1500+ Agile leaders, managers, and team members to apply Scrum, LeSS, Lean, XP, Google Design SPRINT, and Kanban. He collaborates with Agile coaches, trainers, and leaders worldwide to build and nurture Agile communities.